Undergraduate Research FAQ

Point of Contact

Prof. Sky Sitney, Interim Program Director, rs154@georgetown.edu.

Philosophy of research

Internships, independent studies, and capstone projects (which may include short films, podcasts, interactive digital media projects, scripts or screenplays, and/or analytic essays).

How to get started

The capstone sequence is both semesters senior year and is required for all our students. Students learn about internship opportunities through our weekly program newsletter as well as other sources (eg Career Center, external list-serves).

How to get connected with a faculty mentor

Students typically email the Director with an internship opportunity and the Director tries to pair them with a mentor based on topic or research method. For their capstone projects, the instructor of the capstone course typically recommends an advisor.

Earning credit for undergraduate research

Students earn credit for research through the Film & Media Studies Tutorial.

Getting paid for research

There are not currently any opportunities for paid research in the program.

Thesis or capstone research

Students may conduct research for their capstone sequence.