Georgetown University’s Film & Media Studies program is dedicated to exploring the relations between media, power, and social justice by integrating film and media theory and history with creative practice. In total, there are five required courses and one elective to complete the minor. Students may use study abroad courses to help fulfill some of these requirements.

After a rigorous introduction to film practice initiated at the Gateway course and extended through two years of selected course work and theory, by the senior year, each student designs and produces a Capstone project under the guidance of an FMST faculty mentor.

Capstone projects range in form from scholarly essays to scripts to time-based media projects. Through the Capstone projects, our students integrate distinct aspects of their learning about film and media, and bring together critical and creative approaches in pursuit of questions that matter deeply to them. Often, these questions emerge from their own unique experiences during their studies at Georgetown. The students’ answers to these questions are designed to be shared with each other through workshop-based learning and with members of the Georgetown community and the world.