Spring Cross-Listed Courses


The Hollywood Blacklist AMST 208

Visual Anthro:Ways of Seeing ANTH 120

Justice and Media ANTH 205

Arab Film ARAB 320

Film Animation ARTS 166

Intro to Filmmaking ARTS 181

Imgs of Women: Cont Chin Film CHIN 352

Intro to Visual Literature ENGL 231

Intro to Film ENGL 250 

Intro to Horror Films ENGL 253 

Documentary ENGL 256 

Intro to Cultural Studies ENGL 265 

Intermediate Script Writing ENGL 456 

Advanced Script Writing ENGL 457 

Capstone:Writing With Light ENGL 477 

Quebec Film Classics FREN 380 

Ital Amer Lang/Lit/Film ITAL 394 

Japanese Anime Film JAPN 412 

Kurosawa: A History in Film JAPN 418 

Video News Production JOUR 374 

Recording Arts I MUSC 250 

Music & Dance in US 1932-1962 MUSC 268 

Brazilian Cinema PORT 331 

Race, Society & Cinema SOCI 133 

Latin American Film SPAN 268 

Hispanic Cinema SPAN 341 

Brazilian Cinema: An Intro SPAN 421